Herbi ZYMES: Showcase White Butterfly Caterpillars

White Butterfly Caterpillars on Kale

In this trial, we investigate how Herbi ZYMES bio-pest control can activate a plant’s self-defences against pests and diseases and support natural immunity.

We wanted to compare the effectiveness of Herbi ZYMES on two Kale plants that were getting hammered by dozens, maybe even hundreds, of white butterfly caterpillars in our garden bed in Spring 2023.

We didn’t have high expectations that Herbi ZYMES would kill the caterpillars because the bio-pest spray was initially developed to mainly control soft-bodied insects.

We sprayed one plant with Herbi ZYMES once and were not expecting the immediate results as seen in the two photos below.

Change of colours

The following photo of the plants was taken about 30 minutes after the first treatment. It shows the dull, blueish colour of the plant sprayed with ZYMES has changed to a stronger, more vibrant green almost immediately. The dramatic and immediate colour change is likely explained by a possible side effect of Herbi ZYMES, which we believe triggers photosynthesis and encourages nutrient uptake by some plants.

Photo taken immediately after treatment of the right plant

Repelling caterpillars

We revisited the plants about 4 weeks later to find them both looking dramatically different as the photo shows:

We were blown away by the stark differences: the plant sprayed with Herbi ZYMES looked lush and healthy, compared to the other plant that had not been sprayed and was almost completely eaten away.

The plant on the right was treated once with Herbi ZYMES and we couldn’t find any caterpillars on it since the treatment 4 weeks ago. In comparison, the untreated plant on the left had been ravaged and was barely alive. The explanation lies in the power of nature – Herbi ZYMES likely triggers the natural self-defence of the plant, making it unlikeable and inedible to the caterpillars.

A magnification of the untreated Kale plant showed the caterpillars were still feasting on the ailing plant.
We then treated this Kale plant as well, and it completely recovered within 4 weeks. Following this trial, we have been left with two healthy Kale plants, plenty of fresh, nutritious Kale for another year, and increased confidence in the ability of Herbi ZYMES.

Stink Bugs on Cucumber plants

In another trial with Herbi ZYMES, we examined its effect on two cucumber plants covered with stink bugs. We experienced the same impressive results. The treated plant was clear of stink bugs for the rest of the season, while the untreated plant was hammered by dozens of the beetles and almost died before we also rescued it with Herbi ZYMES! 🙂

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