Herbi ZYMES - Article about a showcase treating Kale plants to fight White Butterfly caterpillars. Herbi ZYMES is a biological pest control.

Herbi ZYMES: Showcase White Butterfly Caterpillars

White Butterfly Caterpillars on Kale In this trial, we investigate how Herbi ZYMES bio-pest control can activate a plant’s self-defences against pests and diseases and support natural immunity. We wanted to compare the effectiveness of Herbi ZYMES on two Kale plants that were getting hammered by dozens, maybe even hundreds, of white butterfly caterpillars in […]

Herbi Hydro Nutes ABC Kit recommended by Mike Vanduzee on YouTube

ABC Kit as seen on YouTube

Great to be featured in Mike Vanduzee‘s „Keep on Growin‘“ YouTube channel talking about our hydroponic dry nutrients Hydro Nutes ABC kit which is a comparable product to the Masterblend product.Thanks Mike! 💚

Hydroponics Tutorial: Grow your own food easily

Anyone in New Zealand can grow delicious courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, strawberries and more, even in the tiniest backyard. Growing hydroponic fruit and veggies can be simple – requiring little-to-no maintenance, or back-breaking weeding. You’ll need: Container: Ideally a 200L drum Netting cup 3-5 inch Holesaw drill to make a hole in the drums to […]

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