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At Herbi we love helping Kiwis grow healthy plants and produce. 

Our mission is to help you grow better with less, without compromising quality – it’s smarter growing made easier for anyone. Ltd is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We specialise in developing and manufacturing soil and plant food for healthy, sustainable growing in any environment – soil, hydroponics, cocoponics, inside or outside.

Our range of hydroponic nutrients and fertilisers, and premium soil and plant food blends support vertical growing, urban farming, organic growing, and growing local to support you and your whānau, our country and the planet.

Based in Taranaki, we’re continuously expanding Herbi’s product range, investing in further research, trials and development, to supply more local growers, gardeners and retailers, in a market dominated by big corporates. See a list of selected New Zealand retailers selling Herbi products here. All Herbi products are successfully tested and developed in New Zealand, by growers for growers.

Grow produce where it’s going to be eaten.


Happy microbes = happy soil = healthy plants. 

Herbi’s All Natural product range has been developed to support microbial activity and natural biological ecosystems, enhancing the soil foodweb, overall soil health and structure. 

Our unique blends – Herbi’s All Natural plant and soil food, Herbi SOIL – Living Soil Growing Mix, MYCOS+ Root Booster, and ZYMES Bio Pest Control – all deliver a buffet of organic material, blended in a unique formula to support healthy living soil, soil structure, and growing healthy plants. This approach improves the soil’s ability to cycle nutrients naturally, and maximise nutrient uptake by plants.

Like people, soil and plants can’t survive on only one whole food alone. Healthy soil also needs a range of natural whole food to ensure optimum health and biological processes. 

Science confirms this, it’s no longer just a belief. Soil is one of the most powerful living organisms on earth. If treated well, like a living organism, then soil will sustain and nurture healthy plants, our animals, people and the Earth. 

Herbi’s All Natural soil and plant food products help build healthy, living soil that supports the soil foodweb, and improving soil’s resilience against climate extremes i.e. drought, erosion, floods. Scientific studies show that healthy soil absorbs much more water and has a higher level of Carbon Sequestration than soil treated regularly with conventional fertilisers.

Herbi’s soil products are all-natural, but we haven’t certified them as organic yet – it’s expensive, but be assured that most products are candidates for organic certification. If they’re not we’ll tell you. The Herbi philosophy is to provide customers with the best quality products we can get and/or produce ourselves.


Herbi’s range of hydroponic nutrients, are designed to support plants with everything they need for quality hydroponic growing, inside and outside, year-round.  

Our HydroNutes blends are made from the best ingredients sourced from New Zealand suppliers, in a finely-balanced recipe, ensuring the most efficient uptake by the plant’s roots, whatever you’re growing.

HydroNutes is made in New Zealand and supports quality hydroponic growing of all kinds – Drip Systems, DWC, NFT, Ebb and Flow, Wick Systems, Kratky and Aeroponics.

Whether you’re vertical farming, growing hydroponically on a commercial scale, or a home grower with a simple hydroponic set-up, we have a product to suit you and are happy to advise or consult.

Herbi supports growing healthy to sustain local people and our environment. 

Happy Growing! 💚



Our warehouse is based in Waitara. In case you like to pickup orders please let us know beforehand.


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