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We love helping Kiwis feed their soil, build a healthy soil foodweb, and grow healthy plants and produce with our nutrient-rich soil and plant food. At Herbi we specialise in developing soil and plant food that makes growing and gardening easier and healthier in any environment – soil, hydroponics, or cocoponics, inside or outside. Ltd is proudly New Zealand-owned and operated. Based In Taranaki, we produce premium soil and plant food because we believe that plants, like people, need a variety of nutrients for optimal growth, strong immunity, healthy reproduction, and delicious produce.

Our diverse range of plant and soil food includes hydroponic nutrients, all-natural fertilisers, soil amendments, living soil growing mix, bio pest control spray, and a root boost blend for transplanting. All Herbi products are successfully tested and developed in New Zealand.

At Herbi we support urban farming, organic gardening and farming, growing local produce, vertical farming, and farming of all kinds, in a self-sustainable way, for healthier plants and produce that nourish local people, livelihoods, and lifestyles.

Herbi was launched in 2019, for beginner or more experienced home growers and gardeners. Our plant and soil food is for all plants, in any medium, for all New Zealanders from commercial growers to home gardeners and growers.

We’re continuously expanding Herbi’s range of soil and plant food, investing in further research and development, and supplying more local growers and retailers, in a market dominated by overseas products. See a list of the awesome New Zealand retailers selling Herbi products here.

Many of our products are natural, but we haven’t certified them as organic yet – it’s expensive, but be assured that most products are candidates for organic certification. If they’re not we’ll tell you. The Herbi philosophy is to provide customers with the best quality products we can get and/or produce ourselves.

“Grow produce where it’s going to be eaten”

We love helping Kiwis care for their soil and plants, helping them grow and garden healthier in any environment – soil, hydroponics, or cocoponics.


Our warehouse is based in Waitara. In case you like to pickup orders please let us know beforehand.


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