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Life starts underground: soil health

The dirt beneath our feet is a living organism, connected to healthy plants, people and environment. Often misunderstood or treated poorly, healthy soil is home to a complicated ecosystem, teeming with microbes that support plants to grow healthy produce, and increases resilience against disease and bad weather.

Grow Different: spray-free, healthy fruit & vegetables at home

7 tips to growing sustainable produce at home, in soil or hydroponically, without pesticides. 1. Before planting  Decide on your growing priorities. Despite the best of intentions, you’re not going to do it all. 2. Growing space and experience How much space is available? Whether you grow hydroponic lettuce from a container on a windowsill, […]

How to improve the Fungi : Bacteria Ratio in soil

Scientists and researchers are digging deeper into understanding healthy soil and how microbes play a key role in this. It’s the backbone of regenerative agriculture – growing healthy plants, crops and produce – and it’s becoming increasingly clear that maintaining a diverse range of soil microbes and a balanced fungi to bacteria (f:b) ratio is critical to sustain and protect life – food production, filtering and absorbing pollutants, greater immunity to disease and weather extremes for healthy growth.  

Investor / Partner

At Herbi we are busy, really busy, keeping up with the demand for Herbi soil and plant food. We need to expand our operation, to continue meeting this growing demand and also to develop the opportunities that are currently beginning neglected because we just don’t have the time. Hence, we are looking for a partner/investor […]

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Grow with Herbi SOIL: Tomatoes

A simple guideline This is an example of growing successful tomatoe plants in Herbi SOIL. Do I need to add more Herbi nutrients during the growth cycle? It depends on the plants you’re growing. How long is their growth cycle? Are they fruiting/flowering? What can go wrong? A few more tips

No-dig Cardboard Garden Tutorial:

Use cardboard to turn your lawn, or neglected garden, into a healthy veggie patch. Grow your own veggies or fruit, without using chemicals or sprays, and cut down on food costs, digging and weeding. You’ll need: Plain cardboard – boxes can be pulled apart, or brown paper bags from the supermarket are fine, you just […]

Hydroponics Tutorial: Grow your own food easily

Anyone in New Zealand can grow delicious courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, strawberries and more, even in the tiniest backyard. Growing hydroponic fruit and veggies can be simple – requiring little-to-no maintenance, or back-breaking weeding. You’ll need: Container: Ideally a 200L drum Netting cup 3-5 inch Holesaw drill to make a hole in the drums to […]

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