Herbi ZYMES: Showcase Bronze Beetles

Bronze Beetles on Plum Trees

We’ve planted a few young Plum trees into our new food forest. Set up in late Spring 2023, the food forest was in a paddock, sitting on a lump of clay – the perfect environment for grass grubs. A few months later, it was no surprise that the adult version of this grub called a Bronze Beetle, attacked the young trees with a vengeance. All three were left without any leaves. In effort to save them, and run a field test at the same time, we sprayed our all natural pest control Herbi ZYMES on two of the three Plum trees.

The two treated trees started to recover immediately and were covered with new leaves within 3 weeks of treatment. The third untreated tree changed for the worse, turning into a sad tree skeleton. Photos below show the before and after treatment:

How to use Herbi ZUMES: In the video below our Co-Founder Michelle talks about the treatment and gives some tips:

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