Herbi ZYMES: Showcase Bronze Beetles

Bronze Beetles on Plum Trees We’ve planted a few young Plum trees into our new food forest. Set up in late Spring 2023, the food forest was in a paddock, sitting on a lump of clay – the perfect environment for grass grubs. A few months later, it was no surprise that the adult version […]

Grow Different: spray-free, healthy fruit & vegetables at home

7 tips to grow healthier produce in living soil or hydroponically at home, without pesticides. 1. Before planting  Decide on your growing priorities. Despite the best of intentions, you’re not going to do it all. 2. Growing space and experience How much space is available? Whether you grow hydroponic lettuce from a container on a […]

Herbi Hydro Nutes ABC Kit recommended by Mike Vanduzee on YouTube

ABC Kit as seen on YouTube

Great to be featured in Mike Vanduzee‘s „Keep on Growin‘“ YouTube channel talking about our hydroponic dry nutrients Hydro Nutes ABC kit which is a comparable product to the Masterblend product.Thanks Mike! 💚

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