Herbi’s All Natural Starter Pack



Herbi’s All Natural Starter Pack gives you the complete range of Herbi’s All Natural products for a successful growth cycle from seed to harvest. You only need to provide a healthy growth environment, a pot, chlorine-free water and a seed.

1 x Herbi SOIL – Living Soil Growing Mix 25L
Fill your container, drop a seed and add some water

1 x Herbi’s All-Natural 4-4-4 2.5kg
After 3-4 weeks topdress some 4-4-4

1 x Herbi’s All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4 2.5kg
At the end of vegetation phase start topdressing with 2-8-4

1 x MYCOS+ Root Booster 120g
If you transplant then sprinkle a teaspoon of MYCOS+ in the transplant hole before placing the seedling

1 x Herbi ZYMES – Pest Control All Natural 500ml
As well as a preventive as a treat for your plants give them weekly a little mist of Herbi ZYMES

1 x Herbi’s BREW – Compost Tea Starter (vegan nutrients)
Treat your plants weekly with a foliar spray of a compost tea made with Herbi BREW

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Weight22.5 kg