MYCOS+ Root Booster


Mycorrhizal Fungi and Trichoderma Fungi enriched with a blend of inoculants which stimulate aggressive root branching, ideal for transplanting plants or using it in a compost tea. Accelerates development of roots softening transplant shock by increasing nutrient uptake and setting up the foundation for a healthy soil foodweb. Containing a variety of NZ native arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes, that ensure explosive root growth.

Product form:
Dry powder

Product Designation:

All Natural Ingredients:

  • NZ native Mycorrhizal Fungi and Trichoderma Fungi
  • Humic Acids
  • Fulvic Acids
  • Amino Acids
  • Yucca Extract
  • Aloe Extract
  • Algae Extract
  • Kelp / Seaweed Extract
  • Guano
  • Sugarbeet Molasses
  • SEA-90
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Natural Enzymes

4 species of Endomycorrhizae 200 – 250 propagules / gram
2 species of Trichoderma Fungi
A range of Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes (i.e. Bacillus Subtilis)

Other notes:
This product is not fully water soluble. Please pour pre-mix solution through a sieve (Foliar Spray & Hydroponics).

Product Function:
Encourages root growth and increases soil populations of beneficial fungi and bacteria.

Well Suited For:
Soil and soil-less.

Direct to roots:
1 tsp. for transplanting clone or small plant

Mix 1 tsp. with 10l of water.
You can dip or soak transplants/seeds before planting and water with solution.
Only use freshly mixed solutions.

For Hydroponics:
Mix 2 tsp. with 100l of water. Please pre-mix a solution in a little container and pour solution through a sieve before adding it to the water reservoir.

NPK: 2-4-2


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200g, 120g, 1kg