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MYCOS+ Root Booster
Fletcher Brown (Tauranga)
Root boost

Awesome product plants definitely take off after transplant

Hydro Nutes ABC kit

Have recently started kratky hydroponics and have had great success since changing to this nutrient. Nice and easy for all round use, will stick with it. 🥬🪴😊

Hydro food

I learned about hydroponics when they were new back in the early eighties and never got into it then but I must have stored the info so a few years ago I put together a hydroponics system using some leftover drain pipes and bits and haven’t had to buy any vegetables 🥒 since ‘apart from root crops.This abc mix is so easy to use and control what kind of growth you want Also the nutrients don’t go off like some liquid nutrients. The abc batch I’m using at present is over two years since I opened it This is bloody awesome stuff. Thanks Herbi.

Hydro Nutes Grow

Just great for my non circulating hydroponic strawberries and cucumber. Easy as to use which is perfect for me, being an inexperienced grower. I look forward to trying out on other crops as time goes on.

Amazing product

Nice product that works well definitely recommend


Great product easy to use. Thanks for helping me on my to growing my own food!

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
A. Dogg (Auckland)
Herbi's is the Best!

Have been using the 444 and 284 for over 2 years and the quality of every harvest is amazing. This is the only stuff I will ever use.

Terra Nutes WORM+
Phil Bennett (Auckland)
Great Product

Getting my seeds to grow!! Brilliant.

My First With HERBI

Hey Frank & Team Herbi
Well, I finally got off the ground and made a pretty good start. After a few days I couldn’t really tell if the nutrients were working or just keeping th lants alive. Then a day or-so more, my eyes popped with amazement!! This Stuff Does Work!!
I now have to fine tune my knowledge with who gets what…
“Grow or Bloom” – As I said, I’m still learning. Have a look at my ‘Mixed-Bag’ from Strawberries to cabbage, Bokchoy to celery, I’m having fun. & it’s all your fault Herbi..! 😎

Rock Dust – Volcanic
Christine Murray
Delivered promptly

Have not tried it in my garden yet but will come back when I do.

Hydro Nutes™ ABC Kit – Hydroponic Nutrients
Janette Hamilton-Pearce (Houston)
Thank you

Replacement nutrients was done very quickly, much appreciated.

Calcium Nitrate
A Loubser (Auckland)
Aquaponics experiment

Mixing the Calcium Nitrate with a few other bits and pieces to make my own aquaponics concoction. The plants are not dying so it seems everything is working. It was my first purchase from Herbi but I get the feeling that this is a classy business.

Herbie is great

Loving these products. Getting such awesome root growth early in seedlings & extremely healthy plants – awesome brews!!!

Plants are loving it 😍 10/10

Great Service

top product

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)
Shannon Marie Drader (Whangarei)

Great product! Just what I wanted!!

MYCOS+ Root Booster
Jason Newport (Wellington)

MYCOS+ Root Booster

Rock Dust – Volcanic
Prema Subramaniam (Saint John)

Rock Dust – Volcanic

New user

These nutrients seem to be really good. I’ve just transplanted seedlings from soil to kratky buckets, with no wilting whatsoever – even after 2 days in the sun. Happy camper.

BioChar (charged) – Terra Nutes™
Raj Panikkar (Auckland)
Great service

Recieved my biochar order very quickly. Have applied it to a few dwarf citrus I am groing in containers. Doi g very well so far.

MYCOS+ Root Booster
Matt (Napier City)

Great results with transplanting and top dressing

Terra Nutes WORM+
Matt (Napier City)
Quality Product!

Fresh and not dried out like other brands. Works well in teas and transplanting.

Matt (Napier City)

Easy to mix and use for foliar applications.

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
Rhys Clark (Auckland)
Stunning ingrediants list!

Loving the Herbi’s 444 and 248 ferts! Just look at all those ingrediants! Not only that, but Herbi’s have the best organic gardening products around! I recommmened this product to everyone.

Much appreciated!!!

I am so thankful as the product suited my budget as a beginner/newbie to hydroponics. The product too looks great in its packaging as is so professional looking. Yet to review outcome of growth effectiveness yet Im confident of a perfect return thank you do much.

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