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Calcium Nitrate
Stan Good (Auckland)
Calcium for capsicums.

I have Blossom End Rot on my capsicums so I bought the Calcium Nitrate to give my plants some Calcium. I’m unsure if it is helping yet. I should get a better Idea next summer when I can start spraying my capsicums earlier.

One of my favorites!!

Love this product! Great results when paired with other amendments. Will keep using it as long as it’s in stock.

Product review

Excellent product,using the combination of vegetable and bloom nutrients really gets the most out of your plants.

Herbi's All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4
Johnny Wallace (Whangarei)
Deficiency Detector

Accompanied by worm castings this effectively corrected the presumed deficiency for a healthy boost. Dummy proof and can’t really over feed, the plant will just only uptake what it can, so correct amount on application will “feed” the plant best. Herbies all the way. Big trunks, big buds, great product.

Oasis Grow Plugs

An excellent product from an excellent supplier. Gives great advice and prompt service. Will use Herbi again.


Really good stuff, helps not needing to Ph the water, Rest your tap water overnight add the amount needed an your away. Amazing stuff

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
Chels Richards (Hamilton)
Gardeners Gold

Me and my garden love this stuff its just awesome for big hardy lush plants and veges its my favourite organic go to feed for my babies

Shortens germination time

I found seedlings germinating within 48hours of planting, amazing!
Plus a thin layer has added such goodness to the vege pod & pot soil that vegetables have grown so quickly and are looking healthy and luscious!

Great soil

Plants love it and are super healthy, had a problem with fungus gnats before haven’t seen them this time.

MYCOS+ Root Booster
Souljah S (Wellington)
Mycos + Root Booster

Awesome stuff for transplanting veges into gardens a little goes a long way A+++

Hydro Nutes™ ABC Kit – Hydroponic Nutrients

Terra Nutes WORM+
Dennis Jackson (Greytown)
Would use again

Value for the plants.

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
Too Much (Wellington)
Organic fertiliser…. The only way 👍

Top product for organic gardening. Vegetables love this stuff. Awesome to have an organic fertiliser available. Don’t hesitate….get a bag and try it for yourself….you won’t be disappointed. Cheers

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
Anonymous (Christchurch)
Idiot proof and great results. Love this stuff!

This stuff takes all the effort out of growing anything just mix it in the soil or top dress and just water it’s literally idiot proof and you’ll have great results. 100% idiot tested and approved highly recommend this stuff.

Good Brew!

My garden has never looked better.
Fantastic results with all my fruit & vege!

Fantastic Soil!

Great Product Herbi
The plants are loving life in this soil!
From seed the plants look super healthy with vigorous growth.

Terra Nutes WORM+
Too Much (Lower Hutt)
Awesome Product

The best organic compost available without a doubt. Don’t waste your time with standard bagged compost , this stuff really works a treat.

Herbi Zymes

I recommend this product to anyone having pest problems on they’re crop, crop was infested by mites and after a couple times using herbis zymes crop is pest free.

thomas (Auckland)

This is great noticed a huge difference with my vegetables

Herbi's All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4
Prezzy Holder (Wellington)

Amazing flower production, stronger terpenes than chemical nutes. This stuff is crazy good. Takes 2 weeks to activate, but I activate straight away using a worm cast tea, beautiful to watch. Go microbes.

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
Prezzy Holder (Wellington)
4.4.4 Can't be beaten

Totally love these organics. Plants are loving them. Best nutes, easiest, go microbes.

Herbi's All-Natural 4-4-4
Paul Baxter (Onewhero)
4 4 4

Superior to hydro nutes

Rock Dust – Volcanic
Jeremy (Auckland)
Rock dust

Great addition to my coco-compost mix

Hydo nutes

Love this product. So easy to use and have already put my friends onto it.

It’s a great product!

I own an organic vegetable seedling nursery and have trialed Herbi’s living soil alongside an organic potting mix that I usually use. I have been pretty blown away by the results. In a two to three month growing period I could normally change the potting mix two and sometimes three times before the seedling reaches customers. I did not need to change Herbi’s living soil at all throughout the same growing period. Plants grew consistently well throughout this period( no sudden growth at the start and then slowing down and yellowing thereafter as I can find with other organic potting mixes.) They thrived. In fact I managed to grow an almost full size lettuce in a cell size of 9cm x 5cm. Over the two month period plants were in general at least 1/3 bigger than those in my normal organic potting mix. It’s a great product.

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