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Fulvic Acids
Tungz Dee (Nelson)
Fulvic Acid

Was having nutrient lockout, and used this product along with Silica powder and my garden bounced back within a week of using items.

Hydro Nutes

Execellent service and fast delivery. I am yet to use product.

Herbi's WORM+
Andrew Chapman (Auckland)
Worm Wee is brilliant

Perfect partner for my Olive trees.
Prompt delivery of quality product.

Rock Dust

Have used this product in some old soil along with the feather meal , silica powder, and MyCos and worm castings.. the soil is now rich and healthy and have 2wk old seedlings in soil and are very healthy.

Herbi zymes pest control

Great product highly recommended, fast shipping. Thank you

Herbi All-Natural 4-4-4
Maree (Urenui)

I was completely blown away by how well my onions and garlic grew last season after using the Herbi all natural 4-4-4. Definitely using it again this season..

Herbi ZYMES – Concentrate
Jeremy (Wellington)

Great for getting rid of fungus gnats.

Herbi Sticker
J.lemon (Auckland)
Bloom food

Amazing product to work with and my plants seem to love it to great service and fast delivery every time, I absolutely recommend this line of fertiliser and company

Good soil easy and ready to plant

Herbi All-Natural 4-4-4
Gordon Wilson (Auckland)
Herbie 4-4-4

Fantastic product, very easy to use and gives great results

My aphids too tough

Unfortunately the herbi zymes didn’t manage to eliminate aphids on my roses, but helped with wooly bugs on my Daphne

Yet to apply

Haven’t used this one yet but will be top dressing my plants with some real soon and I already know this will be good

Herbi’s organic compost tea brew and

I love this line of nutrients it’s makes growing easy and cleaner than liquid fertiliser I absolutely love this stuff the plants love it too they look happy as


Arrived in ex condition, these give bout 95% strike.and u have to use mycos bennies,thanks

Herbi's All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4
Nicole Jupp (New Plymouth)
Amazing product

Made a big difference

Herbi ZYMES – Pest Control All Natural
Jane Borrell (Wellington)
Herbi's Natural Pest Control

Awesome stuff 👍 saved my tomatoes from whatever was munching them! Thanks!

Much Appreciated

Recommended by a friend as a good source of nutrients for my succulents. Thank you for quick and easy service.

Herbi All-Natural 4-4-4
J.lemon (Auckland)
Herbi’s all purpose 4-4-4

Great service fast delivery and very easy to order and purchase.
The fertilizer is mean I’ve seen huge growth in just a week plants are loving this mix thank I definitely recommend and I will be buying my fertilizer from here from now on thanks heaps Herbi’s I like the magnet you sent to is pretty cool.


Fantastic product, Great results!

Herbi All-Natural 4-4-4
Matt (Napier City)

Great product, Easy maintenance with top dressing and transplanting!
Cheers Herbi’s

Feather Meal
Ms Elizabeth Buggs (Christchurch)
A great addition

This stuff is great.

Hydro Nutes™ ABC Kit – Hydroponic Nutrients


Arrived quickly. Great to rehydrate in-ground garden that had dried out.

Herbie hydro foods

Awesome product, easy to use and nice and clean . Highly recommend A+++

Herbi All-Natural 4-4-4
Jackson Grant (Gisborne)

Herbi’s All-Natural 4-4-4

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