Rock Sand – Paramagnetic Andesite


Rock sand will add natural minerals and trace elements back into your nutrient depleted soil. Enriching your garden with essential plant nutrients.

Rock sand product form:
Fine sand

NPK analysis:

Primary function/use:
Source of minerals. Remineralizing agent for depleted soils. As a fertiliser. Enhances root development.

Product designation:

Well suited for:
Amending and enhancing the soil. Works well in potting soils and with other soil amendments as an early season soil amendment.

Other product highlights:
A natural Andesite rock sand that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Will not burn plants or seedlings.
Contains a wide range of natural minerals and trace elements. Provides a slow-release of elements.

When and where to use:
Start with early season soil preparations and supplement as needed during the grow cycle.

For soil application:
Mix product into the soil at the rate of 600g per 1sqm.
For plants in rows, mix along the rows at the rate of 1kg per 10m.
For established beds, sprinkle around each plant.

Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

For house plants:
Mix into the potting soil before planting. Use 1 tsp. of Andesite rock sand for every 6cm of pot diameter. Apply 1 tsp. of Andesite rock sand quarterly thereafter.

If using with irrigation, this product must be agitated during irrigation.

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