Microgreens mats 10″x 20″


inseroMat hydroponic Microgreens mats offer growers a new alternative to traditional substrates, enabling peat and soil-free growing of high value, high density crops.

Features of inseroMat Microgreens sheets include:
* biodegradable
* produced solely from virgin, sustainably-sourced raw materials
* uniform and pathogen-free
* high water holding capacity
* safe for direct contact with foods
* organic certified for use in on-field growing
* disposal possible using composting or soil incorporation

Inseromat products are based solely on virgin spruce wood pulp produced from sawmill residues (sawdust and wood chips originating from production of lumber). “Virgin” refers to containing only non-recycled fibres, ie no recycled paper products are used to prepare the products. This is an important distinction as recycled paper products often contain chemical contaminants such as ink residues and mineral oils. Hence virgin products are safe for food contact.

Size: Microgreens mats 10″x 20″ (254mm x 508mm).

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