Hydro Nutes™ CALMAG⁺ – Hydroponic Nutrients


Hydro Nutes™ CALMAG⁺ is a NZ developed hydroponic nutrients product and designed with a high concentration of Magnesium, Calcium and chelated Iron (DTPA) to treat common deficiencies. Recommended for setups using RO water and growing in Coco coir. Also very efficient as a foliar spray avoiding i.e. cracks in fruits caused by a Calcium deficiency.



NPK: 4 – 0 – 0

  • Nitrogen (N) 4%
  • Magnesium (Mg) 1.2%
  • Calcium (Ca) 3.2%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.1%  (DTPA)


Please add the following Dosage of Hydro Nutes™ CALMAG⁺ to water:
1. Seedlings / Foliar Spray 10-12ml/10L
2. Coco Coir/Soil 8-12ml/10L
3. Hydroponics 6-8ml/10L

Before adding Hydro Nutes™ CALMAG⁺ to the water shake the container for 20 sec. After adding please stir the water well. Let it settle for a while and measure pH and EC and adjust if required. Hydro Nutes™ CALMAG⁺ contains chelated Iron (DTPA) which makes it 100% available up to a pH of 7.0.


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