Fulvic Acids


Corrects nutrient lock out conditions and amplifies nutrient uptake to increase the availability of nutrients and mineral absorption into the root cells with the use of organic bio stimulants to maximize plant’s growth and yield capacities.

Product form:
Dry powder, water soluble

NPK analysis:

Product designation:

Primary function/use:
As a fertiliser. Hydro Nutes FULVIC also makes nutrients more available to their plants. High carbon and low pH substance. Boost nutrient efficiency of plant. Mix with other plant foods to enhance nutrient uptake.

Other product highlights:
Highly concentrated 75% fulvic acids. Called nature’s masterpiece, fulvic acids is an extract of decomposed organic matter. Hydro Nutes FULVIC is soluble in any media whether acidic, alkaline or neutral. Product is plant-derived.

Well suited for:
Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

When and where to use:
During all stages of plant development.

For hydroponics:
Mix ¼ tsp. to 10 litres of water.

Additional information

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500g, 120g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 300g