Alfalfa Meal


Alfalfa Meal is a great source of trace elements and nitrogen in organic form. You can use it as mulch during the planting, top dress or brew it in a tea during the growing stages of your plant’s life. Alfalfa meal has a great nitrogen-to-carbon ratio, ideal for composting.

Product form:
Dry meal

NPK analysis:

Primary function/use:
Fertilising, soil conditioning and adding trace elements to the soil. Acts over the long-term to slow-release the product’s nitrogen, amino acids and proteins. Supports soil fertility, health and plant success. Builds up native and depleted soils.

Works as a compost bio-activator due to its remarkable nitrogen to carbon ratio.
Can be used as a mulch during the planting and growing stages of a plant’s life.

Well suited for:
Amending and enhancing the soil.

Product designation:

Use rates:
Vegetable Gardens: 2-3kg per 10 sqm.

20L Container: mix 2-3 cups into the soil

Trees & Shrubs: 500g per 3-5cm diameter of tree

Perennials & Roses: 1/2 cup per each new plant

When and where to use:
Start with early season soil preparations and supplement as needed during the grow cycle.

How to apply:
Sprinkle evenly around base of plant or till into soil before planting.

Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

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