Herbi SOIL: Showcase Vegepod

Herbi’s living soil helps Taranaki mum become happy gardener.

Enthusiastic gardener Philippa Butler credits Herbi’s living soil and a Vegepod for her best ever gardening results.

Herbi SOIL used in the Vegepod

After just four weeks, the busy Taranaki mum of four says she could have already harvested some of the lettuce grown in her vegepod, which she filled with Herbi SOIL – Living Soil Growing Mix.

In April 2024, Philippa planted broccoli, cauliflower, mini cabbages, a salad mix, celery and basil in her vegepod, and is amazed at how quickly and healthy everything has grown at her coastal Taranaki home.

After constructing the vegepod, Philippa first put down a layer of perlite and then filled the rest with Herbi SOIL – Living Soil Growing Mix, and watered. After only a week, the seedlings had significantly grown and the carrot seeds had germinated. Even the pea straw that was used as mulch to cover and protect the soil that she planted into, has started to germinate.

“I’m so pleased, especially after the amount of money we’ve wasted on seedlings and other soil mix that’s just failed,” Philippa says.

“In the past we’ve planted into our garden soil and it’s obviously been lacking nutrients or something, because the plants never came to anything, ” she says. 

“I’m definitely a novice, but I’m an enthusiastic gardener. We love growing some of our own produce and these are the best results ever.”

“I’ve tried mainstream potting mix before but it’s never worked for me. This has been so easy and the results are amazing.“

We recommend feeding Herbi SOIL with Herbi All-Natural 4-4-4 and Herbi’s All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4 for fruiting and flowering plants.

Further information about Herbi SOIL – Living Soil Growing Mix is here. Available in 10L and 25L from retailers around New Zealand. See where your closest retailer is here: https://herbi.nz/where-to-get-herbi-products 

Herbi SOIL used in the Vegepod

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