Grow with Herbi SOIL: Tomatoes

A simple guideline

This is an example of growing successful tomatoe plants in Herbi SOIL.

  1. Ideally leave the bag unopened in the future grow environment to let it ferment for 1-2 weeks. Don’t worry about potential mold or smell after opening the bag – it’s not harming and will disappear.
  2. Fill a plant container i.e. 20L with Herbi SOIL.
  3. Compact soil only a little.
  4. Press a hole into the soil where you want the seed to be placed. You can sow more than 1 seed and later remove the weaker seedlings.
  5. Place the seed into the hole, cover with a little soil, and compact lightly.
  6. Water the pot gently with a seedling shower. Rather less than too much.
  7. That’s it! 🙂

Do I need to add more Herbi nutrients during the growth cycle?

It depends on the plants you’re growing. How long is their growth cycle? Are they fruiting/flowering?

  1. For tomatoes we recommend to topdress with 1/2 cup of Herbi’s All-Natural 4-4-4 after three weeks (20L pot).
  2. 1-2 weeks before flowering you can topdress with Herbi’s All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4 and again 2 weeks later during flowering/fruiting.
  3. Always cover the topdress with mulch.

What can go wrong?

  1. Too much or too little watering
    Overwatering is a common mistake. Herbi SOIL has a great balance of water retention and drainage. However, if you’re uncertain, keep in mind that overwatering is more likely than underwatering. Ideally you monitor your soil moisture if you are uncertain. Preferrably please use fabric pots.
    We do not recommend bottom watering, but if you should use an automated system then please ensure that water drains and there is no excess water remaining. Consider mixing in more coco/perlite beforehand in case of bottom watering.
  2. Do not use synthetic nutrients
    Adding synthetic ferts can disrupt the soil ecosystem significantly. It could lead to a nutrient imbalance through nutrient lockouts.
  3. Don’t worry
    If your growth environment is set up well (lights, temperature, humidity etc.) then according to the plants’ requirements there is not much more you need to worry about.

A few more tips

  • If you are growing from seeds please keep the soil surface moist by misting it each day until germination.
  • If you are growing from seeds please consider to mix Coco and/or Perlite into the soil to increase aeration and drainage.
  • After the seedling has established cover (protect) the soil with mulch or consider planting cover crop.
  • Seedlings might start a bit slower in Herbi SOIL, but they soon increase the pace and will thrive.
  • If you prefer transplanting seedlings we recommend seedlings that have been grown in soil blocks made from Herbi SOIL. If you transplant seedlings grown in other products please consider using MYCOS+ Root Booster and sprinkling a teaspoon around the inside of the planting hole then watering.
  • Please read about Herbi’s philosophy of healthy soil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ryan Kurei (Opotiki)

Good soil easy and ready to plant

Jacko (Hastings)

Plants are loving it 😍 10/10

Steph Kopa
Awesome products

Awesome my plants are much happier now. The soil is amazing.

Hogan Dromgool (Christchurch)
Herbi natural soil. 4/4/4

Good living mix, smelled good when opening. Obvious grounds of different types. Plants have been doing well in the soil. Holds water well.

Kellie (Hamilton)
Shortens germination time

I found seedlings germinating within 48hours of planting, amazing!
Plus a thin layer has added such goodness to the vege pod & pot soil that vegetables have grown so quickly and are looking healthy and luscious!

Dustyn (Wellington)
Great soil

Plants love it and are super healthy, had a problem with fungus gnats before haven’t seen them this time.

Matt (Napier City)
Fantastic Soil!

Great Product Herbi
The plants are loving life in this soil!
From seed the plants look super healthy with vigorous growth.

Sara Matheston
It’s a great product!

I own an organic vegetable seedling nursery and have trialed Herbi’s living soil alongside an organic potting mix that I usually use. I have been pretty blown away by the results. In a two to three month growing period I could normally change the potting mix two and sometimes three times before the seedling reaches customers. I did not need to change Herbi’s living soil at all throughout the same growing period. Plants grew consistently well throughout this period( no sudden growth at the start and then slowing down and yellowing thereafter as I can find with other organic potting mixes.) They thrived. In fact I managed to grow an almost full size lettuce in a cell size of 9cm x 5cm. Over the two month period plants were in general at least 1/3 bigger than those in my normal organic potting mix. It’s a great product.

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